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Tanya Cole Arts

‘Dianne Laurance ~ In Love With Life' Original Oil/Gold Leaf on Canvas (SOLD)

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‘Dianne Laurance ~ In Love With Life’ Original Oil/Gold Leaf on Canvas 59cm x 84cm 2022 Tanya Cole

** Portrait description submitted with my entry into The Lester Prize ~ “Dianne is a wonderful supporter of the arts & the people (particularly people who might be struggling) in our local community. I admire her positive attitude in grabbing life with both hands. I wanted to celebrate the person who was sending out positive messages to thousands of people who, like her, had been dumped (by a spouse, a friend, a job). In my study of Dianne I sought to capture her energy & zest for life with colour & movement, as well as to capture her essence of joy and happiness, with a little bit of cheekiness and fun.”

Dianne Laurance of 'Dumped Wifes Revenge' fame on Instagram