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Tanya Cole Arts

'In These Walls Memories Remain' Original Oil on Linen (SOLD)

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SOLD at Christian Fletcher Gallery

'In These Walls Memories Remain' Mixed Media & Oil on Linen 1m x 1m Tanya Cole 2023

“ As soon as I saw Christian’s fabulous image, I felt a sense of wonder and nostalgia…not to mention…inspiration! The desert sand floor, the peeling paint, the decaying walls, the abandoned building…all forming a story in my mind. I have always had an acute awareness of how fleeting life is, how transient. And how quickly life’s beautiful moments pass and fade away to just distant memories. I get very nostalgic about times gone by, lives lived, lost, stories untold and peoples forgotten. The concept of people’s stories being held within walls, echoing the memories of yesteryear, and in the theme of ‘if these walls could talk’, took root. I imagined all the children from every country all around the world, their childhood lost to time. Nostalgia over my own children, no longer little and giggling, playing hide and seek with mischievous excitement, now just a memory. I decided to capture this in my interpretation of Christians photo. Echoes of yesterday, making me appreciate my days in the present with my kids older whilst they are still at home.”

Christian Fletcher Gallery's fabulous concept ~ 'Art Is' ~ where several artists are invited to interpret one of Christian's stunning photographs as part of a group show for Margaret River Region Open Studios!

MRROS (9th Sept - 24th Sept)